Bactoforce International – presenting at Society of Dairy Technology Autumn Symposium

Bactoforce International is delighted to announce that we will be co-presenting with Magnaflux at the forthcoming Society of Dairy Technology Autumn Symposium in York on 11th November 2015. Our joint paper is entitled ‘Prevention and localization of microbiological risks caused by defects in processing equipment’. A key aim in the presentation is to focus on how we can detect various defects in food processing equipment and the creation of a potential specification around ‘pass/fail’ criteria for penetrant inspections e.g. within the food industry.

Magnaflux is a global manufacturer of nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment and consumables. Magnaflux products are internationally renowned for the inspection of cracks, surface breaking flaws and near surface flaws and Bactoforce are delighted to be co-presenting with them as part of our journey to provide ongoing risk management and support around integrity testing.


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